You can never avoid mishaps as it is commonplace, but it can be painful or confusing to detract yourself from the result when an injury or accident happens to someone close to you or the one that you love. When you finally decide to take the step in protecting the legal rights right after an injury or accident happens, your questions about the legal side of things will fall mostly on personal injury cases. Such cases are handled by the solicitors working at

Basics of Personal Injury Case

This is a legal case dispute that arises in a situation where in the person involved in the case, which is the victim, suffers an injury or an accident and someone else is held accountable for the harm dealt on the victim. The personal injury case can be formalized via the civil court proceedings wherein it seeks in finding others that are at fault legally in a court judgment. There is another option for this, which is also possible for cases that can be resolved without going to court in an informal settlement.

The formal lawsuit

This isn’t like the criminal cases that you see on television since they are mostly started by the government. The formal kind of personal injury case, as handled by the solicitors at, usually starts when the private person or the plaintiff files a complaint against the one responsible, whether this is a person, a company, government agency, business or corporation, hence the defendant. This alleges that they have acted irresponsibly or carelessly in response to the injury or accident that has caused the harm. This action is referred to as “filing a lawsuit”.

Informal settlement

Most disputes get settled without ever reaching the court, especially when it comes with personal injury claims. This is because both parties were able to agree on the terms and conditions declared by both parties. And also, dragging the case to the court will only make matters worse. What’s more, both parties will have to pay for the high expenses that they need in order to come to an agreement and settle the dispute once and for all. Most of the personal injury claims get settled informally, which usually is limited to the parties that are involved in the incident. These are the attorneys, insurers and the main parties that were in the accident or present during the time the injury happened. The settlement usually takes shape in negotiation, which is then followed by a written agreement wherein both parties are to continue based on the details as written in the agreement. They chose to solve the matter through themselves by way of payment wherein the amount of money is paid according to the agreement.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you are the one who got injured or you are the person who is responsible for causing the accident or injury, all the more you need to ask an advice from the personal injury solicitor so that you will know what to do afterward.