How to properly clean your windows

According to, there are different people who clean their windows differently. Though that can be okay in most cases but if you truly want to ensure that your window will be cleaned well then there is a way for you to properly clean your window with both efficiency and effectiveness. This way you would be able to clean other windows or do other work when you are finished cleaning your window and here are the ways in cleaning your window properly.

Do inspection during day time

  • If you are about to clean your window you have first to inspect it during the day. The reason for this is the sunlight would give you the edge that you would know to clearly see if there are any spider webs, dust, stains or anything visible to your eye. This way when you are about to clean you would already know what you are up against.

Clean during the night

  • This is really important because when you clean during the day then the water in the glass would immediately dry because of the heat of the sun which will only give you more work to do but when you do it at night then it wouldn’t happen and the glass would be ten times clean and you wouldn’t be wasting your time cleaning the windows.

Make sure you dust before doing anything

  • When you are about to clean your window you have to make sure that you first dust the window before applying water to it. Remember that if there is still dust and you applied water to it, it will make the window dirtier that is why to prevent such a thing from happening you need to first dust it so that there would be less for you to clean.

Use a brush for hard parts to clean

  • There are parts in cleaning the window that can be a challenge for you to clean specifically the window frame. That is why rather than give yourself a problem in cleaning the window then you can always use a brush of any kind to take away the dust or brush off any stain from the window. Just be gentle because you wouldn’t want to scratch the window while you are using the brush.

Paper can be used to help you clean

  • This is very true because paper can easily absorb all of the water and at the same time if there are edges that you find a challenge then you can always use the paper and fold it so that the edge can be used to clean the window’s edges easily for you.

These are just ways for you to properly clean your window so that you wouldn’t have any hard time cleaning it and you would be able to do it with less the energy used. Also, the windows will be clean like it was a professional who did it. Remember that a clean window can make you feel clean as well and there wouldn’t be any misconception when you look at the window because sometimes a small dirt in the eye can be perceived as something else so make sure that you clean your windows.