The sound of having glass tiles for your bathroom is like something that only the wealthy can afford. It may give you that kind of image, but you will be amazed that you can have glass tiles in your bathroom even if you are on a strict budget. As long as you know how to choose and where to put the limit, you will give your bathroom a unique look and even a good investment for the future, especially if you have plans to sell your home. Having glass tiles is attractive to new homebuyers.

If you take a look at the glass tiles featured in, you will realize that you need a lot of experience in drawing out the beauty of every tile available in that site. Glass tiles have long been used in decorating interiors for many centuries, but have only become very popular recently due to how homeowners feel it will make bathrooms more inviting. If you are not convinced of this reason, here are other reasons that will make you reconsider why having glass tiles are great for your bathroom.

It loves light. Since glass tiles are made of glass, it can attract light in a way that no other tile can do. It will even make you save money on the monthly electric bills you spent on using synthetic lights, especially when you use the bathroom during the day. As long as you know, someone that can maximize the benefit of using glass tiles for inviting more light, you get to change the reflections of the room, not to mention you get to witness sparkling moments through the changes of the direction of the light.

Cleaning is easy. You just need warm water to clean the surface of glass tiles. No need for special cleaning chemicals just to get rid of stains that are hard to get rid of from your usual, regular tiles.

Choose your preferred size. Glass tiles are available in a wide variety of sizes. Take a look at the ones available at You get to pick from larger slabs to the tiniest mosaic ones. If you are a designer, you get to stretch your creativity from this one.

No moisture. Regular tiles usually absorb moisture and if left alone, will turn into mold and mildew. The longer they remain, the harder it is to get rid of them. This is not the case with glass tiles.

Stain resistance. Just like how it says that glass tiles do not absorb moisture, glass does not get any stains at all. This is because they are impermeable, they do not absorb any stains unlike some other type of flooring.

Durable. You might think that just because the tile is made out of glass, it will easily break. The composition of the glass in glass tiles is designed for that purpose – it won’t break easily no matter how much pressure it receives.

Perfect accent. It is also a perfect accent to bathrooms that can’t afford to make a whole wall or floor made entirely of glass tiles. Accenting it will make the bathroom more unique and attractive.